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William (Bill) Kasten

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Steve Kasten

About us:


S-k Service: Specializing in buying and selling vintage Japanese, British and European motorcycles: Family owned and run Since 1984.

S-K is the perfect example of a small town "mom& pop" family run motorcycle shop. Owned and run by Father and son Bill and  Steve  Kasten; it has operated out of the same location Since  1984.

Bill Kasten:
 The Senior Kasten;  Is a lifelong motorcyclist and private pilot; built and owned the areas largest Yamaha dealership"North rider"  before  "retiring" from the corporate-styled dealership.  Selling Yamaha and Benelli motorcycles.

Steve Kasten:
Grew up in the" Yamaha world" and took to flat track motorcycle  racing at an early age:earning a national pro number plate by age 16.   Steve has acquired and  maintains a large private collection of the prime years of Japanese motorcycles with a few unique European models thrown in. Steve has been self employed his entire life. Through age and injuries; Steve continued to race dominating midwest flattrack  vets/pro classes.

The Shop:
has survived in the same small town  location since 1984! By focusing on the vintage (used) Japanese, British and european bikes market , parts& service.Though they no longer take on heavy service work; they still sell and  install motorcycle  tires. They buy and sell used bikes, Cozi sidecars  and

used cars.and trucks. They No longer sell  New Royal Enfield motorcycles, .  They also buy and sell vintage motorcycle related collectibles.


Most of Steve's collection is available for perusing and gawking at the shop So come down and see that 1970's bike ' you wanted as a teen (but could not afford) .


The shop keeps regular hours 10-5 Monday - Friday, 10-12 Saturday; closed Sundays. Come down to wander the collection;Bill and Steve welcome visitors. There's alway something interesting and motorcycle related to see.(715)446-2225