2017 KOZI Bullet nose Motorcycle Sidecar:LAST ONE IN STOCK! $2900!!!!

Bullet nose in stock! ("Canoe nose" available).  Imported into the U.S. by Classic motor works. They are "universal fit" and mounting kits can be adapted to most any brand of  motorcycle over 400cc (recommended). Price listed is for:"You  install it yourself"; and save on labor charges. Comes with mounts for Royal Enfield; But these can be modified fit any motorcycle; other mount kits available. Limited supply! $ 2900. S-k Service,10 Clark st.Hatley Wisconsin.  (715)446-2225

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"I bought my sidecar from you earlier in May!!

We did have it all attached by July 4th. We've been out every weekend just loving it!!

the little dog is really enjoying it too!! Thank you so very much!!!
Very sharp looking with the Harley!!!"